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It's Your Time

Make your time count with Overtyme.

From the classroom to school camp, track your time and ensure you never miss an hour of Time In Lieu with Overtyme

Time Tracker

Easily track time from classroom to school camp with industry specific categories. Conveniently backdate any activities that weren’t captured live. 

Industry Leading Reporting

Replace clunky spreadsheets with Overtymes intuitive reporting system.

Quickly view and export industry-specific reporting including face-to-face classroom time, time in lieu, grading and providing feedback, planning and preparation, school camp and non-curicular activities such as coaching sport teams.


Industry Reporting Categories

Trusted by Australian Teachers Unions

Overtyme connects with select Australian Teachers Unions, to collate information on the collective Time of its Members. Any information gathered will be collated to report on the overall health of Australian Teachers and make changes for the better. Official partnerships to be announced soon. 

Impact & Change


of Teachers are working unreported overtime


of Teachers are considering leaving the industry within the next year.

Technology is just the tool. Change starts with the Teachers.

Overtyme exists to make a positive impact on Teachers, the education industry and our communities as a whole.

We have the long term goal of providing tangible information, insights and visibility to Teachers, Schools, Unions and Government Bodies.

We have the vision to invite conversations for greater change in the industry. 

Made in Australia,
for Australian Teachers.

Overtyme consists of a 100% Australian team with a balanced combination of education industry knowledge and technical expertise.

Have any queries? We have answers.

We understand that you may have some queries regarding our app, how it works and when it will be available.

What types of activities can I monitor using the Overtyme App?

The Overtyme App is designed to track all aspects of your daily activities as an educator in Australia. Our pre-defined time tracking categories cover a wide range of activities, including Teacher Led, Employer Directed, Extra Activities, TIL Accrued and TIL Acquittal, and have been developed in collaboration with industry experts. If you require a custom time tracking category that is specific to your school, job or union, simply reach out to us at, and we will be happy to add it to the app.

What kinds of reports can the Overtyme App generate?

The Overtyme App has been developed in collaboration with education organisations in Australia to ensure that educators can generate the most relevant reports for their needs. The app enables users to generate reports across a range of categories, including Time in Lieu, Time spent on Camp, and Time on Employer Duties. Users can also customise the date range for their reports and capture a snapshot of their time allocation across the day, week, month, term, and year. Furthermore, Overtyme can provide organisations with a high-level overview of how time is being spent across the board. This feature enables educational organisations to get a clear understanding of how their staff's time is being allocated and make informed decisions based on this information.

Is Overtyme owned or operated by a union?

No, Overtyme is an independent Australian company. Overtyme exists to make a positive impact on Teachers, the education industry and our communities as a whole. Overtyme provides tangible information, insights and visibility for Teachers, Schools and Unions.

When is the expected launch date for the app?

Overtyme is scheduled to launch to our pre-subscribed waitlist on the 30th July 2023! All pre-subscribed members on our waitlist access a risk-free trial for 2 MONTHS at absolutely no cost.

How much will it cost?

For a limited time, we are thrilled to offer a 2 Month Free Trial access to a selected group of pre-subscribed users. If you're interested in gaining access to the app and joining our waitlist, please fill out the form below to learn more. Rest assured, there will be no obligation to continue using the app after your trial period ends. We strongly believe that our innovative time tracking solution can have a significant positive impact on educators in Australia.

We are excited to provide this opportunity to try the app for free and experience its benefits firsthand.Once the trial period ends, we will be offering unlimited access to the app for as little as $5.99 per month. We believe that this pricing, equivalent to the cost of a cup of coffee per month, is a fair amount for the value and convenience our app provides. We are committed to making our solution accessible and affordable for educators like you, while ensuring that we can continue to enhance and support the app in the long term.

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